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Kipp Financial Group

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An Ensemble Firm Focused on Your Financial Success.

Welcome, Kipp Financial Group is an ensemble practice of leading financial planning and management professionals. Our custom in-depth analysis and client centered financial solutions are tailored to your wealth management needs. We’ll help you by engineering a specific and individual system for you to continue to achieve your goals – both in lifestyle and in the time to enjoy it.

KFG's Financial Freedom Experience gives you the confidence and the freedom to help manage and grow your wealth.

As the architect of long lasting wealth for you and your family, Kipp Financial Group will help design a structure of client-centered wealth management systems which include the tools and resources of our ensemble of seasoned professionals. Like a fine architect, Kipp Financial Group will help analyze every aspect of your financial plan to ensure it has a strong foundation. Our leading team of experts will engineer a financial blueprint for your investments in order to help preserve future wealth and maintain your lifestyle.

Kipp Financial Group has one goal: to help engineer your financial freedom. That's Financial Freedom By Design...

While many of our clients are employees in the biotech, military and civil service industries, we also serve business owners, professionals, and families. Based in Ventura, California we work with clients locally in Ventura, and Santa Barbra as well as multiple states across the country.

Wherever you are, we’ll help get you where you want to be.